The world of social media is difficult to navigate, even for the most experienced individual. Let Shana help guide you to the strategy that will help accomplish your organizational goals and objectives.

Social Media Strategy ≠ Facebook Page

Although Facebook is often a component of an effective social media strategy, all businesses do not need to be on Facebook. Choosing a platform is often just the beginning. Your customized strategy will not only help you select which social media platforms are right for your organization, but how to utilize them most effectively with an integrated content and promotional strategy.

Shana will work with you to develop a tailored social media strategy that is the most effective use of the time and resources available to your team and integrates with your current promotional efforts. She will even train your team (link to training page ) to effectively manage established platforms and implement that strategy.

Shana has established social media strategies from the ground up with organizations such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She worked with a local Chick-fil-A to establish a social media strategy that complemented the efforts of the corporate efforts. Organizations that need refining of their strategy to help them reach the next level of social media and eliminate waste, like Faithful Provisions (, have also benefited from Shana’s guidance.

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