If you’re tired of spending you entire advertising budget without the ability to measure effectiveness, it’s time to test one of the most effective and measurable uses of your marketing dollars today.

Establishing a targeted online advertising strategy that reaches your audience with a personalized message is an essential component of an effective marketing plan. Whether your goal is generate leads, build awareness or drive sales, Shana can help you establish a targeted campaign on the network that’s right for your goals. A refined online advertising strategy will allow you to get the most out of a limited advertising budget.

Shana has a record of developing profitable and targeted online campaigns. She has managed over 50 online campaigns. She helped an organization with a multi-million dollar marketing budget and no online campaigns move 30% of their marketing budget to online advertising. Her experience integrating online advertising into a national marketing campaign proved her ability to develop effective, complementary online strategies.

Although Shana is available to develop and manage your online campaigns, she is also able to train your team to effectively monitor, measure and refine your online campaigns.

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