Many organizations have entered the world of online marketing and social media, but have yet to integrate these components into their existing marketing campaigns.

Engagement marketing is the world where traditional marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, mobile marketing and content strategy integrate. You won’t be able to get the most out of any of these efforts until you’ve effectively connected the dots among all your marketing components in a way to engages your target audience.

While working at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Shana integrated social, mobile and online marketing efforts with traditional marketing campaigns on a national scale. Her ability to integrate print, radio, television, online, mobile, social and live video into one successful national advertising campaign proved her ability to think strategically and push the envelop in an innovate way.

Captivate • Connect • Convert

  • Captivating your target audience at all touch points.
  • Connecting them with an engaging and consistent message.
  • Converting them to loyal customers and brand advocates.

Find out how to Shana can help you captivate, connect and convert you target market. reach out.