Recommendations for Shana

“My experience working with Shana has been nothing but excellent. She always exceed my expectations and communicates very well. She has taught me many techniques that will enhance the way we do social media marketing at our store. I do not know what I would do without her.” – Emily M., Marketing Director, Chick-fil-A at Thoroughbred Square

“Shana is always on top of the latest industry trends and brings strategic ideas to the table. Her thorough understanding of the digital landscape is an asset that helps makes all projects smoother. She clearly outlines campaign objectives, provides actionable feedback and keeps projects on track.” – Meredith S.

“Shana is very self-reliant and independent spirit who is both imaginative and innovative in finding digital solutions to accomplish specific marketing objectives. She is persistent in getting the best results out of a campaign and will problem solve to get to those results. She is very trustworthy and reliable and a great partner to work with.” – Kate G.

“Shana is smart, focused and amazing to work with on projects. She gets things accomplished in record time and is a joy to work with daily.” – Amanda D.

“Shana has been invaluable in helping Vanderbilt create and implement a strategy to enter the Social Media and Interactive Online Marketing arena within the healthcare industry. She has the ability to think strategically and then apply her strong work ethic and motivation to meet the goals and objectives of any project.” – Jeanie N.

“Shana was critical in the development of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s social media program. When I began my work as a social media strategist for a large company near VUMC, I relied heavily Shana’s work to kickstart our program. She has her finger on the pulse of social and new media, and without her expertise (and her willingness to share it), it would have been more difficult to get our program up and running. Thank you, Shana, for being a partner in social media!” – John C.

“Shana is that team member and expert that most businesses need right now. Her understanding of and expertise in managing social media marketing and overall online marketing campaigns directly contributed to rapid and dramatic growth of our Facebook fanbase. Her perspective and ability to get things done would be an asset to any client.” – Melanie M.

“Working with Shana the past few years has been not only a huge pleasure personally but such a bonus for the clients I work with here at Vanderbilt. Shana’s knowledge of all social media (necessary steps for search campaigns, Facebook ads, Twitter, live streaming shows — as well as interpreting results and analyzing data from interactive marketing plans) and her willingness to share her knowledge, has taught me so much and helped me immensely in creating effective marketing plans.” – Sharon M.

“Shana is a very talented social media and online media guru. She has been a “go-to” person for me in navigating the waters of all the new venues in which to get the School of Nursing’s various messages out. She provides wonderful counsel and is a delight to work with.” – Kathy R.

“Shana is dedicated to the task at hand and is a hard worker. Her passion for and knowledge of multi-media platforms makes her the perfect complement to one’s marketing strategy. In addition, she is a gifted teacher and exhibits the utmost patience when teaching students of all ages how to master this art.” – Amy W.

“Shana is creative, motivated, hardworking and a team player. She has valuable knowledge and insight about running online Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns. She creates stellar social media strategies and executes them just as well. Shana’s expertise in online marketing is sure to impress you.” – Heather B.