shana-bresnahan-online-marketing-consultant-nashvilleMeet Shana – Engagement Evangelist

Shana believes that all brands and people possess the ability to be engaging. Her passion for understanding consumer behavior and interactive marketing has led her to develop profitable marketing strategies that cultivate brand champions. She believes in the power of sharing the good news of engagement marketing and has been doing so for more than 5 years. How can she help you be engaging?

Shana Bresnahan began working with Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2007 and quickly became the Interactive Program Manager in the Strategic Marketing Department. She spearheaded the initial creation of the social media strategy, policy and employee toolkit for the medical center, which have been acclaimed and emulated throughout the healthcare industry. In a world where traditional marketing was king, Shana launched an online marketing program that produced measurable return on investment and eventually managed 40% of the clinical service line marketing budget.

A thought leader in engagement and digital marketing, Shana consulted leaders throughout the medical center and university on integrating interactive and traditional marketing strategies to accomplish institutional goals. She played an integral role in the development of the award-winning national branding campaign. Beyond the realm of marketing, Shana pioneered an effort to utilize social media tools to improve the workflow and performance of the human resources and patient experience departments.

Since leaving Vanderbilt, Shana has worked with clients in various industries to develop engaging and profitable online marketing and social media strategies. Her desire is to help you integrate traditional and interactive marketing strategies while training your team too implement and maintain profitable and engaging marketing campaigns.