Hi! I am Shana, and I believe that all brands and people...

possess the ability to be engaging. My passion for understanding consumer behavior and interactive marketing has led me to develop profitable marketing strategies that cultivate brand champions. I believe in the power of sharing the good news of engagement marketing and have been doing so for more than 5 years. How can I help you be engaging?

My Services

Social Media Training

Equipping individuals and organizations to utilize social media platforms for professional or personal effectiveness and foundational community management capabilities.

Engagement Marketing

Crafting a comprehensive engagement strategy that connects the dots between all your brand messaging and provides a fluid transition and consistent experience across all touch points.

Social Media Strategy

Integrating social media platforms into existing marketing strategies to allow for increased brand awareness among targeted audiences and engaged conversations with current consumers.

Online Advertising

Building metric-minded search engine marketing and display advertising campaigns that guide a targeted audience through a conversion funnel that effectively measures return on investment.